Join The Year of Code Challenge!

Every Back to School season is exciting for us but this year, the momentum is unmistakable. Computer Science education in our schools is progressing and in the past year, we've seen the data to back up the commitment.

As more states begin mandating CS education, everyone is getting prepared for the rollout of CS in their districts and schools. We're encouraged by so many teachers diving in, whether it's to catch up or get ahead!

Now, it's easy for you to join others in the computer science education movement. Our goal is to document the 2017-2018 school year while educators around the country make a difference in their classrooms, schools and communities. Join us for the Year of Code, and challenge yourself to make a change in your classroom.

Start with a goal

You don't need to have a perfectly structured plan to get started! If your state, district, or school hasn't set a plan in place for the upcoming school year, you can still join the thousands of teachers bringing CS education to the classroom.

Goal examples:

  • I will do the Hour of Code with my students this year.
  • I will teach CS beyond the Hour of Code week by doing coding (x) times a (week, month, semester).
  • I will plan/host a family coding night to get families involved in CS education initiatives at our school.
  • I will teach a (4, 6, 8 week) coding unit, teaching CS lessons every (Friday).

Setting measurable goals will help you track your challenges and successes so you can learn for next year's implementation.

Join Kodable's "Year of Code" Challenge!

It's easy! All you have to do is commit to participating in CS education this year.

Throughout the year we'll randomly select classes to check in on. If you're selected and are still on track, you'll win awesome prizes for you class!

1. Set a measurable goal (see above!)

Need to brainstorm? We've got you! Record your thoughts and ideas on our Goal Template.

2. Share your goal with us!

Submit your goal through this short form for a chance to win great prizes like a swag bag, pizza party, ice cream party or one of many other great prizes!

Measure your progress and success

Check back in with your goal and monitor your progress. Things aren't working out as planned? Revise your goal and adapt!

Share your challenges and successes!

We want to hear about it all! Send photos and updates throughout the year to or share and tag us on Facebook (don't forget to like our page!). You can find us on Twitter and Instagram as @kodable.

We're as excited as this adorable corgi is see your goals for the 2017-2018 school year :D