Hasta la Vista, Student Limits!

Jon here, one of the founders of Kodable. We have some exciting news to share with you! Starting today, we’re removing the student and class limits for Kodable Teacher accounts. Our goal at Kodable is to provide teachers and administrators with an elementary programming curriculum that you fall in love with. As we prepared to release more of our new curriculum, we realized that the student and class limits could take away from the experience we want educators to have using Kodable, and that’s something we never want to do.

So, starting today, teachers, schools, and districts are free to enroll as many students and as many classes as they want in Kodable to experience just how valuable programming education is. We will continue offering the full curriculum, admin tools, professional development, and more as part of Kodable School, but we know by giving all of your students a chance to use our new curriculum, you’ll agree that it is a worthwhile investment in their future.


What’s changing for teachers?

You can now add unlimited students and classes and use the free Kodable Curriculum with all of them. All of the new students will get access to Kodable, as well as the new curriculum and game content. Please note that premium content will remain locked until Kodable School is purchased.

I’m a school administrator/technology coordinator. Can I add my entire school to Kodable?

Yes! You can now create separate classes and get progress reports on all of them, all with a free Kodable Account. However, administrative tools such as remote teacher account management, transferring classes between teachers, shared playlists, etc. will continue to be reserved for Kodable School subscribers.

I already have a teacher account, do I need to make a new one?

No! Your existing account has been upgraded and you can jump right in and add the rest of your students.

I’m an existing Kodable School user, how does this affect me?

It doesn’t! The premium content, admin tools, and professional development offered with Kodable School is remaining the same, and will continue to be billed per-student or via site license as it was before. If you have any other questions, please email me personally.

I really like this, now I want to purchase Kodable for my school! How can I do that?

Great! You can request a quote to give us some basic information about your coding needs, and a Kodable representative will respond to you within one business day.