Halloween Lesson: Fuzz-tastic Costume Mission

The fuzzFamily loves Halloween, their favorite part is the costumes. In this Halloween lesson YOUR kids will get a chance to dress up the fuzzFamily for trick-or-treating!

Important Note: How to Unlock FuzzBuilder 

FuzzBuilder is needed to complete this activity. If you are new to Kodable, this feature might not be unlocked. However, unlocking FuzzBuilder is quick and easy. 

  1. Have students go to “Mission Control” and complete “Kodable Basics.”
  2. Once students complete all of the six basics levels, FuzzBuilder will unlock.

Halloween Lesson: Design a costume for a fuzzFamily member!

All your kids need is Kodable and some determination. Ready to get coding? Keep reading...

It's fall in Fuzztopia! The leaves are changing, the weather is chillier, and while your children has been in school, the fuzzFamily has been hard at work exploring the universe.

Here's the problem - the Fuzzes have been so busy on their adventures, they completely forgot that their most FAVORITE part about Fall is right around the corner... Halloween!

The Fuzzes need your help with costumes in the Kodable Halloween coding activity for elementary students.

The Fuzzes LOVE Halloween, especially dressing up and trick-or-treating around Fuzztopia! With all the excitement of their adventures, the Fuzzes completely forgot to pick out a costume this year!

The fuzzFamily needs your kid's help. Halloween is fast approaching! They don't have a lot of time to throw together their costumes, and they know your kids have been practicing their coding skills. Will they help design a Halloween costume for a fuzzFamily member?

Before they get started with this Halloween lesson, have them think about this. When they go trick or treating, are all the other kids wearing the exact same costume as them? No way!

Children in their different Halloween costumes based off their interests.

Everyone is dressed up in something different based on their own interests. Have them think about a costume they've worn in the past or the one they plan to wear this year. Why did they pick it? It's probably based on something they like and makes them happy.

Just like humans, Fuzzes also have things they like. Each Fuzz wants to dress up in a Halloween costume that brings them happiness and lets them express themselves!

Some Fuzz-tastic Costume Ideas

Simon is obsessed with with all things spoooooky! He wants a costume that is classic Halloween - think pumpkins and bats and ghosts.

Violet's favorite thing is being outside - she loves flowers and trees she wants a costume that is inspired by nature!

Violet Fuzz from Kodable showing her interests in the Halloween Coding Mission.

Blue loves animals! Big, small, striped, and spotted. He likes them all so much that he just can't decide what to be!

Checkers wants to make others laugh with a costume that is super silly - it can be random, wacky, and ridiculous - the sillier the better!

Your Coding Mission: Design a Halloween Costume!

In this Halloween lesson, your child should design a costume for one of these Fuzzes. The costume should be inspired by the things they like!

Ready? Here's how to start:

  1. Log into Kodable and select "Fuzz Builder"
  2. Give your Fuzz a name

Now here's the fun part

  1. Choose eyes, a mouth, items, and hats to build out the Fuzz costume!
  2. For example, I will create a costume for Violet. Violet wants something nature-inspired. I might choose green eyes because they are the color of the trees and rose-colored lips. As for items, I think she'd love this flower costume and for hats, the flower crown is perfect.
  3. I wonder if you will find other nature items that Violet would love...
Kodable Fuzz Builder with Violet in her Halloween costume as part of the coding activity for elementary students.

Get access to even more costumes by signing up for a Kodable Home account!

Now it's your turn!

  • Log into Kodable and head to the Fuzz Builder
  • Then, design a dream Halloween costume for a fuzzFamily member to complete your mission

There are so many costume combos to choose from, and we want to see what your kids come up with! Make sure to post a picture of your kid's Fuzz costumes on social media. Be sure to tag us @Kodable and we'll repost some of our favorites :)

From all of us at Kodable, have a Fuzz-tastic Halloween!

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