Fuzzy Fresh Kodable Update, Take a Look!

We’ve got some big news! The Kodable team has been hard at work building and designing a fabulous upgrade to Kodable. We can’t wait for you and your learners to see the Kodable update.

When Will the Update Be Available?

You'll start seeing changes this week.  We're gradually releasing on the browser version of Kodable starting today. Players on the iOS App will see an update available sometime next week, depending on Apple's approval. Read below to know exactly what is changing and what to expect!

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Level Select Screens at School

Players logging in at school will see a fresh new level select screen! All the levels are the same, and the directions you'll give students are the same However, we've updated these screens with new badge designs and graphics.


Kodable Update for 2021 Level Select


Maze Maker

We don't want to play favorites, but the updates to Maze Maker might be our favorite! (Shhh! Don't tell Asteroidia!)

Maze Maker has a different layout but functions the same. We moved things around to be more intuitive and added in more fun features, including new backgrounds and decorations! Learners draw their maze just as they did before.

We can't wait to see the mazes they create!



Find out everything you need to know about Maze Maker -> Click Here

Maze Maker Menu Screen

The Maze Maker menu screen got a whole new design. Looking good, right? Kids will now be able to see their mazes along with their friends', giving them easy access to click and play. Building a new maze is front and center and of course their mazes are still proudly displayed.



Fuzz Builder Menu Screen

Say "Hello" to the new Fuzz Builder menu screen!  Of course, your students can still get creative and design their own Fuzzes by clicking 'Build.' But now your students' Fuzzes are adorably featured along with the classmate's Fuzzes! Let everyone see everyone's incredible creations. Don't worry; they won't be able to change each other's Fuzzes.



Learn more about how your students can design Fuzzes -> Click Here

Game Designer Menu Screen

Welcome to the new Game Designer menu screen, where you will find another fresh, new layout. Just as the other new updates, the Game Designer functionally is the same, but with a jazzed up layout.  Classmate's game designs are easier to see, and you bet kids can still play each other's games.



Interested in more information on how to use Game Designer -> Click Here

New Tutorials in Asteroidia 

You asked, and we listened! Now, Fuzz Buzz guides learners through tutorials introducing key concepts in Asteroidia. Not only are they super cute, they're super helpful teaching tools.  

Kodable Update for 2021 game tutorials and guides.

Updated graphics

Finally, throughout the game you will see updates to all of our graphics and visuals. We think it's looking good if we do say so ourselves!

Kodable Update for 2021 new visuals and graphics.

Fuzztopia Shopping for Home Members

Now there are more ways for your learners to shop on their Kodable Home account. Use Koins earned by playing games to buy costumes and decorations inside Fuzz Builder and Maze Maker in the top right corner! PSST...we've add a ton of new fuzzy fantastic costumes for them to buy!

Updated Fuzz Builder Home:

Updated Maze Maker Home:

We hope you enjoy the new updates we have made! We can't wait to see more of the amazing creations your kids make as they travel through Fuzztopia learning to code.

Be Prepared

Kodable on the web:
When the Kodable update is released for Web users, you may experience longer than normal loading times when logging in for the first time. Please know that this is normal as the update is large. Once you have logged in for the first time, the game will be cached and loading will be much faster.

Tell us what you think!

Please reach out to us on social media @kodable or to our support team support@kodable.com to share your thoughts about the new Kodable update!

Happy Coding!