Crazy Costume Challenge: Design a Fuzz Costume!

Building a custom fuzz is a favorite activity among nearly all of the Kodable kiddos. We're planning to add many more costumes, hair styles, accessories and expressions in 2020.  We want kids to help! Kids can enter a fuzz costume design to be added to Kodable!

Imagine, Create, Design

Imagine all the ways you would customize you fuzz if you had complete freedom. What would you add?

Would you add a unibrow? Would you give your fuzz spider eyes? Maybe you would add fairy wings?

Brainstorm some ideas with a friend. Choose your favorite and draw it on the Fuzz Costume Design Worksheet. When you think it is ready, parents or teachers can submit designs for you!

Crazy Costume Challenge Details

We're looking for  up to 100 designs to add to the game! Let imaginations run wild.

How to Enter

Once kids have completed their design on the entry worksheet, you can enter their designs in two ways:

Enter via Hashtag - Take a photo of their design worksheet and post it to Twitter or Instagram with #Fuzz2020. Be sure to @kodable!

Enter Online - Upload your design to the entry form here.

Contest Deadline

Designs can be submitted until midnight PST on 2/29.

Winners will be notified via social media or email if their design was selected by 3/6.

Follow the Contest: See what others are designing