Hero Project: "What makes a hero?" | Properties Coding Activity

Your hero project is to turn your real life hero into a Bug World defender! All you need for this Properties coding activity is a piece of paper, pencil, and your imagination.

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What Properties Define a Hero?

Meet BlueBlaster. BlueBlaster lives on the planet Bug World. BlueBlaster has a very important job - he protects your space ship from the buggy Slimes!

blue blaster's properties make him a  a hero on bug

This is a tough job, but luckily, he doesn't have act alone. BlueBlaster is just one of many heroes that live here and work together to defend your ship. All of the heroes are are happiest when they are acting as a team!

The Bug World heroes all have their very own properties - Properties are the characteristics of an object.

What properties does BlueBlaster have? Some physical properties you can see just by looking - like fur, eyes, fingers, and armor. Some properties aren't as obvious, but you can see them in action, like speed and strength.

In this hero project you need to think about properties you can and can't see.

Properties are the reason that each of the Bug World heroes can look and behave differently.

Who is Your Hero?

Can you think of someone in your own life who is a hero? Maybe it's a parent, teacher, or friend. What do they look like? Consider physical properties like their hair, eyes, mouth, or clothes. What kind of personality do they have? Are they brave, curious, or silly?

What makes your hero unique?

What is it about them that makes them a hero? Your every day hero might have special properties. Maybe they are extra wise, like a grandparent, motivating, like a coach, or loving like a pet.

What type of personality does your hero have?

Your Hero Project: Define them with Properties!

On your piece of paper, write out a list of properties that describe your real life hero.

List your hero's properties

Now, take these properties and imagine what your hero would be like if they were a member of the Bug World Defenders! Is your hero nurturing and caring? Maybe they have healing powers, like RoyalHealer. Does your hero protect you? Maybe they have defensive properties, like DiamondShield. If your hero is goofy and cheerful? They might be brightly colored like RainbowRush.

Help your hero level up. Whatever it is that you love most about your hero, think about a tool or outfit you can invent that will enhance their already awesome properties. How would they defeat the slimes?

Now it's your turn! Turn your real-life hero into a Bug World defender using properties. Use your imagination to bring your character life - draw or write what you come up with!

Share Your Hero!

Love what you created? We want to see it too! Ask a grown up to help post a picture of your hero project to social media. Tag us @kodable and use the hashtag #MyBugWorldHero

Have fun creating!

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