Classroom Bingo to get Kids Coding

As the school year comes to a close, there is a constant need to come up with a fun but engaging way to keep students involved. How can we make the most of the ending of this school year before students tune off to summer? I talked with Samantha Selikoff about how she is able to keep students active with activities with Classroom Bingo.  

Samantha agreed to tell us more about how she was able to keep learning fun for her students fun through different activities to go along with different concepts she was teaching. Samantha has been going above and beyond for her students – she created a Kodable Bingo that she agreed to share with the rest of the Kodable community!

Thank you so much for sharing your own experience with the rest of the Kodable teachers Samantha! To begin, please tell us more about yourself:

I am a technology teacher and Ed-Tech Coach in New Jersey. I teach 4th-8th grade STEM I train more than a dozen teachers in the new technologies and how to use technology in their classroom. I present at conferences and inspire other teachers about Kodable because of the fun and inspiring skills it teaches.

Learn more about Samantha in this show and tell interview about blended learning in STEM.

Classroom Fun with Kodable

How are you keeping your students engaged during this time of virtual education and teaching? How does Kodable factor into your home learning plans?

I often try to bring the camp mentality to school and keep learning fun. These past few weeks I have been doing theme weeks such as sports coding week or Disney themed coding week inspired by When in school, I do Fuzz themed lessons and students get to decorate their own Fuzz and bring them on a Fuzz Adventure to enhance family engagement. I tried to match the themes in the Kodable games with Fuzz and Outer Space themes. I also did a coding choice week where students pick which coding platform they want to use, in which times many gravitate towards Kodable since it encourages a gamified learning style and creativity.

Have you noticed any changes in the way you or your students use Kodable since going remote? How has using Kodable virtually been different than using Kodable in the classroom?

Many students have introduced Kodable to their siblings and have gotten their parents involved which is great to see.

Classroom Bingo

What is required for students to complete the Kodable Bingo?

I am getting ready to roll out the bingo boards as a summer coding activity to keep students engaged. Students can either get traditional bingo as one level or cover the whole board as “expert” level.

Are there any rewards for students who get “BINGO”?

Students will be able to turn in the Bingo board for a prize similar to our summer reading program.

How will you track your students’ progress?

When students come back in September they can show me their account with the bingo board.

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 9.34.39 AM

Is the Kodable Bingo running for the entire summer for your students?

The program will run once school lets out until it begins again.

What outcomes are you hoping for from your students playing Classroom Bingo?

I am hoping to see increased motivation and interest among students as well as avoid the “summer slide.”

Do you plan to continue using Kodable after we return to in person schooling? If so, what does it bring to the classroom?

The district has already renewed our Kodable account for next year and we are excited to use it with students. It gets kids excited and interested about coding right from the start!

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What are you doing to keep your students interested and engaged as the school year ends? Share what you are doing and any suggestions you may have for other teachers in the comments!

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