6 Step Guide to Catching that Back to School Spirit

School is BACK!  Are you ready?  Let’s go ahead and get you fit for your first day so you can get back to school and start the year off right!

Let's get down to business
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1. Wake up early, grab a coffee, and get a head start.

Because we know all too well that this is going to get more difficult…

2. Fall back in love with your classroom.

And everything in it…

Including your students!

3. Flaunt your new technology.

We have technology now
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(Books are so last century)

Tech teachers don't need all these books
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4. Put those amazing lesson plans you spent all summer on into action.

Aligning your curriculum to the common core is always a struggle
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(Still too soon…we will return to that joke later in the year.)

5. Get back in your school year routine.

6. But don’t forget to lean on your friends…

 And don’t worry…

Because this year is going to be AWESOME!

6 Step Guide to Catching that Back to School Spirit by
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