4 End of the Year Coding Challenges

The school year is coming to a close and everyone is itching for a brain break. Enjoy these four free coding challenges to get kids moving, creating and thinking about code. Three of the lessons include a sample of unplugged activities from our paid plans.

Show What You Know!

Sequence Coding Challenge - Grades K-2

Students will design, draw, & solve their own programming problems. Sample of the unplugged activity from Sequence Capstone Lesson on the Kodable School plan.

  • Get Creative! Students will draw a maze
  • Write the answer or share with a partner
  • Take your design to the next level. Create it in the Kodable Maze Maker!

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simonFuzz Says!

Conditions Coding Challenge - Grades 1-3

Learn about conditional statements through an unplugged game of Simon says! Sample of the unplugged activity from Conditions Lesson 4 on the Kodable School plan.

  • Review Conditions with a quick video! (optional)
  • Get moving and thinking in this game of Simon Says with a coding twist
  • Color a fuzz inspired by your summer plans or create one in Kodable

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Funky Functions Fitness!

Functions Coding Challenge- Grades 3-5

Flex those muscles! Create a fun fitness routine to help the fuzzFamily. This is a sample of the unplugged activity from Functions Lesson 1 on the Kodable School plan.

  • Review Functions with a short video (optional)
  • Create a repeating fitness routine using functions. Get active! Try out your routines!
  • Create a maze that must be solved with functions and share it with the class

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Summer Coding Challenge!

Celebrate and set a goal for the summer - Grades K-5

School is coming to a close, but learning doesn't need to! Celebrate student progress & encourage them to set a coding goal for the summer.

  • Celebrate student achievements with end of year certificates
  • Ask students to set a goal for the summer
  • Send their summer challenge worksheet home to track their goal with family

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