The Homeschool Way.

Now, you can teach your child to code at home.
No computer science degree required.

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Homeschool Lessons

Easy to Follow Lessons

Lesson plans written for beginner homeschoolers


Video Tutorials

Videos explain new concepts before each unit


Gamified Practice

Students practice new skills independently after each lesson


Monitor Progress

Get progress updates to better track outcomes

The Homeschool Curriculum for Beginners

Bond over more than code

Written by elementary school teachers, the Kodable curriculum focuses on excellent instruction with fun activities that build creativity, communication, and collaboration

An On-screen learning adventure

After learning off-screen, kids begin a galactic adventure with the adorable fuzzFamily! Journey with the fuzzes as they learn about algorithms, loops, variables, and more!

    Watch them grow and learn

  • Assessments are included with each lesson plan so you can ensure mastery of each skill.
  • Measure their progress against the elementary computer science standards mapped to each lesson.
  • Progress reports about what your children are learning on screen.

Learn together with the Kodable Homeschool plan

Kick Start Plan

Use as long as you like!
Covers basic coding.


Homeschool Plan

For structured and goal-oriented learning at home


  • 5 Student Profiles
  • 12 K-5 lesson plans and student activities
  • Track student mastery
  • Access on any device
  • Informal assessment tools
  • 5 Student Profiles (add up to 10)
  • K-5 Scaffolded Curriculum
  • 11 Units with teacher guides
  • 42 weeks of lessons
  • 40+ Off-screen activities
  • 100+ On-screen levels
  • Track student mastery
  • Access on any device
  • Informal assessment tools
  • Billed annually