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Kodable can help any kid learn to code

Our suite of engaging learning games empower children to develop essential skills to shape a digital future.

Child and mother playing Kodable on iPad

Games that build confidence, bit by bit

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Grades K+
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Grades 3+
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Grades K+

Building a foundation for your child's future

Kids learn core programming concepts through engaging games developed with real teachers and kids. Kodable is trusted by educators, and it can be used both in school and at home.

Play to Learn

Play-based learning allows students’ creativity and problem solving skills to grow.

Learn to Code

Our Kid Optimized Developer Environment (KODE) helps students read, write, and understand real code.

Code to Create

Students use their new coding skills to create characters, defeat slimes, and even code their own games.

Kids learning coding on computer with Kodable

An all-in-one coding suite for the classroom

Teachers everywhere love how easy Kodable Basics makes it to get kids excited about learning the basics of coding. Now Kodable Creator uses that same accessible approach to enable actual creation and coding – creating a seamless path for continued growth and exploration.

Kids enjoying Kodable game

A love for coding that kids can bring home

Kodable makes it easy for your child to develop fundamental coding skills, grow confident in their problem solving, and experience the joy of real coding and creation. Our fun, age-specific lessons and games encourage kids to grow at their own pace, guided by their own curiosity.

Loved by kids.
Even more loved by educators.

Kodable is used by millions of kids all around the world. Check out some of the fun ways people are using Kodable today!

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Trusted by experts

A Great way to introduce the concepts of programming - Edutopia4 out of 4 stars - USA TodayThe Best Toys That Teach Kids How to Code - The New York Times