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Real code.
Real fun.

Kodable has been used in over 50% of US Elementary Schools - engaging millions of kids with a fun, no-nonsense set of games that teach the basics of coding, logical thinking, and more.

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A screenshot of the Kodable Dashboard showing Student Progress

Foster creativity and critical thinking.

A whole world of coding is available at your fingertips. With interactive lessons, creative activities and more, your child will be prepared for the digital future they'll be a part of.

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Screentime that will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy

Meet the FuzzFamily - your coding companions in the world of Kodable

The steady-haired blueFuzz, inquisitive shaggyFuzz, and the fan-favorite prismFuzz are just a few of the helpful companions that kids will have on their coding journey.

Kids love Kodable! So do teachers and parents!

Kodable is used by millions of kids all around the world. Check out some of the fun ways people are using Kodable today! 

Trusted by Experts and Educators

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