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Common Login Questions

What is a class code?

A class code is a code created for your class by your teacher. It is used to log in to Kodable.

What is Kodable?

Kodable is a coding game for kids to learn about programming.

Where do I get my class code?

Ask your teacher for your class code, or you can find it on the Code Card that they gave you.

Is Kodable free to play?

If your school is using Kodable and you are using your class code you can play some of the Kodable levels for free.

Can I play Kodable at home?

Yes! You can play Kodable at home with a Kodable Pro Membership. Ask your parents for help!

How do I play?

Login to Kodable with your class code or with a parent at home.

How to learn coding with Kodable?

Kodable teaches kids the basics of coding by introducing concepts found in every programming language, including sequence, conditions loops, functions, JavaScript.

What is a picture password?

Picture passwords can be enabled by the teacher on their class dashboard. Students can find their class code on the code card they receive from their teacher.

What age range is Kodable for?

Kodable is suitable for kids ages 5-11 and includes coding games for each age range.

How will Kodable teach my kid to learn?

Kodable introduces coding basics like in a way that is engaging for kids. As kids progress they’ll be able to start coding games, characters, and more. Everything unlocks as they master new programming skills.

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