Learn to code before you know how to read

Kodable teaches kids the basics of any programming language in a fun game! Completely self-guided and designed for kids 5 and up.

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Kodable offers everything you and your child need to begin their programming education.



Self-guided lessons on programming fundamentals. Including interactive tutorials explaining new concepts.

Teaching Resources

Teaching Resources

No need to know programming to teach with Kodable. Resources to help you learn with your kids.

Deeper Learning

Deeper Learning

Get progress tracking and know what your kids are learning and where help is needed. Sync their progress on any iPad.

How Kodable Works

Kodable helps kids build the skills needed to learn any programming language later in life.

K-2nd Grade

Young Girl Kodable

Kids learn programming logic, sequence, loops, functions and debugging with Kodable.

3rd-5th Grade

Older Child

"Kodable 2"

(Coming Soon)

After playing Kodable, kids are better prepared to begin learning more advanced programming concepts.

6th-12th Grade



Once familiar with key programming concepts and principles, kids can begin learning programming languages.

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Benefits for kids

Problem Solving Skills

Kodable teaches kids to think critically and logically. They learn problem solving, critical thinking, and computational thinking.

Get a Head Start

Learning fundamentals at an early age sparks interest in computer science and builds skills necessary for your child’s future, reguardless of their future profession.

Build a Foundation

Kodable teaches concepts in every programming language. After playing, kids will be able to pick up more complex concepts.

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Benefits for adults

No Technology Skills Required

Kodable offers adults resources and lesson guides with straight-forward explanations of programming concepts in the game.

Common Core Compatible

Kodable meets anchor standards as well as vocabulary, math and logic components.

Easy to Pick Up

Kodable is intuitive and easy for little minds and hands to pick up. Designed with kids in mind so they can play with little instruction.

“As a developer, I love seeing my kids learn the basics of programming.”


“My first graders LOVE Kodable. We tried many apps similar but Kodable is top dog on the iPad.”

Wanda Brown
Grade One Teacher

“Really makes my kids think and problem solve!”

Bill Brennan Director of Instructional Technologies