Prepare Your Child for the Future

Kodable introduces the basics of computer programming with educational games and videos.
For kids ages 5 and up.

"I cannot wait to see where he goes with this tool. It's only been a month, and he's gotten so much enjoyment from it. Already we are seeing his self-esteem go up"
Nicola M.
Kodable Parent

Boost Creativity

Kids who learn to code are motivated to change the world around them. Kodable allows kids to create characters, build levels, and design games that modify the existing experience in Kodable. 

Improve Problem Solving

Persevering through tough challenges is something many small children struggle with. Kodable introduces several styles of puzzles to help kids develop their love of problem solving. 

Develop Critical Thinking

Understanding how to think for yourself and form unique solutions to problems is an essential skill for 21st century learners. Kodable develops your child’s critical thinking skills with four games that encourage strategy, design thinking, iteration and more. 

It's All In a Kodable Home Membership

Hundreds of Levels

Kids are challenged with hundreds of levels covering 11 core coding concepts.

No Reading Required

Perfect for young learners who are still learning to read, Kodable does not require reading skills.

Four Player Profiles

The whole family can participate with room for up to 4 player profiles.

Video Lessons

Video lessons and challenges to help your child learn.

Start Building Games

As your child learns, they will unlock more options to build games, characters and levels with real code.

Guides for Parents

Kodable includes guides to help you learn with your child or to direct their learning.

Give your child a well-rounded education

Learning to code helps kids improve their critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills.