#KidsCanCode News: Empowering Your Students

Greg Satell astutely points out that the average teenager today has more access to information than even a genius working at a top research facility 50 years ago.  Retaining knowledge is slowly becoming obsolete, but the ability to work with others, collaborate, and understand patterns still remains inherently human. (Via Forbes Opinions)

Considering a BYOD program and looking for the right resources?  The Consortium of School Networking is making knowledge on BYOD programs and mobile learning more accessible through its Mobile Learning Initiative.  Gain some basic insights, and learn how to access their resources in this article! (via MindShift)

What happens when a tech billionaire sits down with an amazing teacher?  Read/watch their conversation as they discuss the Common Core, ELL students, pedagogy, and professional development. (via EdSurge)

Help students realize that owning their mistakes actually empowers them because it provides them with the opportunity to fix their errors.  Great resource for those with a programming curriculum! (via Terri Eichholz & Engage Their Minds)

Read more about the ways three different teachers in rural, urban, and immigrant communities are handling BYOD issues, including trust, equity, and student-centered learning. (via MindShift)


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