#KidsCanCode Chat: Random Questions Chat

I hope that you fastened your seat belt for this week’s chat!  In this latest edition of #KidsCanCode Chat, we answered everyone’s most pressing coding questions, and covered a TON of topics including everything from Ozobots, to Middle School programming activities, to encouraging authentic reflections.

Even more importantly, we created this incredibly useful #KidsCanCode Community Directory.

Looking for coding activities for 4th graders?  Check the directory.  Curious to see if anyone is facing the same challenges as you when implementing a coding curriculum?  Check the directory.

Even MORE importantly, add yourself to the #KidsCanCode Community Directory!

Help us create a more complete PLN and help those who may just be starting out our looking for help.

And as always, join us for #KidsCanCode every Tuesday at 8pm EST!

#KidsCanCode Chat: Random Questions Chat by
#KidsCanCode Random Questions Chat
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