#KidsCanCode Chat: Funding My Coding Dreams

We all have a technology wish list…but where to find funding?  In this #KidsCanCode Chat we not only add to your wish list (unintentionally, I swear), but we come up with some great ideas for fundraising, finding grants, crowdfunding, and getting the $$$ you need.
  • Q1: What kind of tech are you trying to fund and for what purpose? #KidsCanCode
  • Q2: How have you targeted budgets within your school/district with available funds for tech? #KidsCanCode
  • Q3: What are some resources and methods for finding grants, awards, and sponsorships? #KidsCanCode
  • Q4: SHARE: Resources to help you write a grant proposal #KidsCanCode
  • Q5: SHARE: Your preferred crowdfunding site for classroom tech. #KidsCanCode
  • Q6: What is one important thing you learned from your last funding campaign? #KidsCanCode
Join us Tuesdays 8pm EST for #KidsCanCode Chat! 
#KidsCanCode Chat: Funding My Coding Dreams by
Funding My Coding Dreams #KidsCanCode Chat
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